Child-care allowance

To get child-care allowance (kinderopvangtoeslag) from the tax office (belastingdienst) you must meet certain conditions. Would you like to apply for child-care allowance? This must be done within 3 months following the month in which your child goes to the child-care center for the first time.

You can apply for child-care allowance at the tax office’s site: my supplements. (mijn toeslagen)

Do not wait too long to apply, if you are late you will not get the full amount you are entitled to!

Our experience with child-care allowance and parents who were born abroad is that the tax office checks everything twice and if there is one mistake or something they see as uncertain, they will not grant you the allowance! So make sure that you make no mistakes and apply as soon as you can so you have time to correct or explain your application. If you need help we are always willing to help with your application or to make a phone call. The tax office only takes phone calls from people who speak Dutch and all of their letters are also only in Dutch, if you make an appointment at their office you can have a conversation in English.


Make a trial calculation

The height if your child-care allowance depends on your situation. For example, how much income you earn and the number of children in child-car. You can get child-care allowance for up to 230 hours per child per month. There is also a maximum hourly rate the tax office has set on € 10,25 in 2024 (at Carpe Diem is the  hourly rate is € 10,25  so you can get child-care allowance for our complete rate)

Click here to get an indication in percentages, based on your income, on how much child-care allowance you can get

Do you want to know more specifically how much child-care allowance you can get? Then make a trail calculation on the website of the tax office.


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