Health and safety policy


Every child-care center in the Netherlands is bound by strict rules. That’s why we use several protocols who offer us guidance during our work. We have the following protocols with regards to our safety policy;

Protocol entrance, protocol bedroom, protocol group room, protocol outside area, protocol bathroom children, protocol bathroom grownups, protocol work wardrobe and protocol surroundings.

With regards to our health policy we have the following protocols;

Protocol health risks and germs, protocol health risks and indoor environment, protocol health risks and outdoor environment and protocol health risks and medical actions.

Besides these protocols we also use the protocol Child molestation and the protocol Threats from outsiders. In this last protocol is for instance written how we deal with uninvited visitors on our doorstep.

Our protocols are regularly evaluated and adjusted with our teachers.

GGD (health department) , Fire department and the municipality of Delft:

The health department monitors our health and safety policy (just like they monitor our pedagogical policy). The health department checks all child-care centers on the bases of the monitor an valuation framing. This framing describes all points on which all child-care centers in the Netherlands are being monitored. Click here to view the framing (only in Dutch).

Next to the monitoring of the health department we are also monitored by the fire department on our (fire) safety policy.

You can view the latest rapport of the health department at Carpe Diem, but you can also see the rapport on the site of landelijkregisterkinderopvang (national register child-care facilities).



Inspectie Rapport

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check Vaste beroepskrachten
check Beroepskracht-kind-ratio
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check Veiligheids- en Gezondheidsbeleid
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