Outdoor activities.


Playing outside is very important to children, for their physical development as well as their emotional development
Playing outside is different from playing inside; the materials to play with are different, the space is different, and when
we take a walk the whole scenery is different and stimulating.

At our center we have an enclosed outdoor area behind the groups where our children can play with small bicycles, a sandbox and a lot of other materials. In the summer we often put up a small pool with a large umbrella hanging over it, at the children can play outside the whole day!

But that is not enough for us; we like to take the children for walks, the change of scenery makes that we have more and new things to talk about with the children. Walking is expanding their vocabulary and knowledge of the world, walking is educational and fun!

One our walks we visit playgrounds, the petting zoo, recreational area’s like a park, do some grocery shopping and sometimes we have a pick-nick or we have lunch at a lunchroom.

When we go for a walk we use our special carts (six children can sit in one cart) and our twin buggy’s. One or two of the oldest children walk next to us, and when the get tired they can take a seat in the cart.


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