Parent’s committee


Carpe Diem has a very involved parent’s committee. The Parent’s committee meets on average four times a year, usually together with Melanie, the manager.

At the meetings shall the members of the parent’s committee get a lot of information from Melanie about everything that has to do with the child-care center. The parent’s committee give Melanie feedback about these matters and about other things the parent feel are important.

Our parent’s committee has chosen to let Melanie be present at all their meetings. But the parent’s committee can also meet without the presence of Melanie, they have autonomy.

Besides their advisory tasks, the parent’s committee has another task: to support the Director and child-care teachers with making our newsletter and help us with organizing parties (such as our annual summer party).

The Child-care Act (Wet Kinderopvang) states that having a parent’s committee is very important. To make sure that a parent committee can do its work properly, every child-care center is obliged to be connected to a complaint committee for parent’s committees, beside having a normal internal complaint procedure. Carpe Diem is therefore connected to the Complaint Committee for parent’s committees (Geschillencommissie Kinderopvang en Peuterspeelzalen). Click here for the website of the Complaint Committee.

If you are a parent of Carpe Diem and you would like to be a member of our parent’s committee you are welcome to join our parents!

You can register with Melanie, the child-care teachers or directly at the parent’s committee by mail:

You can also use this address for questions or comments that you want to be put on the agenda of the parent’s committee!


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