hours and Rates

Carpe Diem is open on weekdays from 7:30 to 18:00. We are open all year except for three days on which we plan our supplementary training. We almost always plan these days around Christmas to minimize the inconvenience for our parents. The training days are not free of charge.

We provide child-care when you need it, whole days, half days or child-care in hours so you can determine exactly on what days and hours you need care, with a minimum of three hours of care a day.

Flexible short-term care is also possible, provided that we have space on the required days / times.

If you want to cancel one ore more days of child-care, please remember the notice period of one month.

We use the following rate:

Child-care per hour (01/01/2018) € 7.30 per hour (gross rate, before child-care allowance)

Sometimes parents want to switch days, please ask us for the possibilities!